About us



Founded in 1983, our company has been pursuing the principle of following the sectoral innovations and technology closely.

Bu prensip doğrultusunda ABD ve Avrupa’da yaşanan, sürdürülebilir ve ekolojik yapı malzemelerine dönüş ve yoğun ilgi dikkatimizi çekmiştir.
In line with this principle, the utmost importance has been given to sustainable and ecological building materials with a special focus on United States and European standards.
Thus, starting from 2012 after making the necessary investments our factory, operating in 4.000 m2 closed and 10.000 m2 open area in Akhisar Organized lndustrial Zone, has started to produce under the ECI® brand the most preferred cellulose and hemp based insulation materials.
Our vision is always being reliable, environmentally friendly production and continuously investing on R&D; and innovation to reach highest standards on insulation products.