Cotton Wool Insulation

ECI Cotton Wool Insulation

Cotton insulation is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for insulating. Consisting of 85% recycled cotton fibers, cotton insulation is both an eco-conscious and effective product. The combination of materials are treated with borate to create a flame-resistant substance that is also an insect and rodent repellant. Recycled cotton takes very little energy to manufacture, and comes with an R-value of R-3.4 per inch. It’s non-toxic and non-hazardous, allowing you to install it without risking distress to respiratory systems or skin.

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ECI Cotton Wool Insulation Advantages

Installation / Performances

Offers an extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient and effectively reduces airborne sound transmission.


Resistant to rot, inhibits fungi, microorganisms and pests.

Does not cause itching or irritation. Does not contain toxin and allergen.

Has the ability to absorb VOCs and toxins in the air.

Not a threat for human health.