Hemp Insulation Batt

ECI Hemp Insulation Batt

The cannabis plant (Hemp/Flax) is one of the most ancient plants used in history. During its rapid growth it absorbs enormous amount of carbon dioxide (1 hectare cannabis absorbs about 15 tons of carbon dioxide per year) much faster than a tree. Hemp/Flax also increases the quality of the soil and does not require any chemical enrichment during planting.

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Hemp wool insulation batt is an extremely natural, healthy and sustainable herbal insulation material produced from recycled flax and hemp fibers.

ECI Hemp Insulation Advantages

lnstallation / Performance

Thermal capacity refers to the amount of energy required to heat or cool 1 kg of material 1 °C. lf the value is high, the material will have a higher insulating property. The thermal capacity of the glasswool is 670 Joules per kg while the value for the rockwool is 860 joules per kg. The thermal capacity of cellulose and hemp based insulation products has a thermal capacity very close to 1600 joules per kg (According to EN ISO 10456), (A performance 2-2,5 times better than their substitutes).


esistant to rot, inhibits fungi, microorganisms and pests.

Does not cause itching or irritation. Does not contain toxin and allergen.

Has the ability to absorb VOCs and toxins in the air.

Not a threat for human health.

Technical Specifications

  • TS EN 12667 (Thermal Conductivity): 0.038W/(m-K)
  • TS EN 13501-1 (Reaction to Fire λ): D


A sharp, long-edged blade is needed to cut the Cellulose Based lnsulation Batt&Blanket.; it can also be cut with spiral cutter.

Exterior Wall from Outside and Inside

After the installation of C and U profiles on the existing wall, a Hemp lnsulation Batt is placed between the C profiles. After covering the insulation material with moisture barrier, it is covered with plasterboard, OSB board or any composite covering material. in line with different detail solutions, it can also be applied by sticking directly to the surface.

lnternal Partition Walls

After the installation of C and U profiles, the Hemp lnsulation Batt is placed into the C profiles. Then the outer surfaces of the structure is covered with materials such as plasterboard or OSB board. According to different detail solutions, it can be applied by sticking directly to the surface.

Roof and Attic

Hemp lnsulation Batt can be cut to desired size, applied between the rafters, under the tile or laying on the floor.