Cellulose Based Batt & Blanket

After making the necessary investments on technology and R&D;, our company has achieved to produce Cellulose Based Batt & Blanket insulation products in 2012, as the third company after US and Europe.

Durable and does not require maintenance. Resistance to erosion.

Excellent thermal performance in winter and summer.

Hemp Insulation Batt

The cannabis plant (Hemp/Flax) is one of the most ancient plants used in history. During its rapid growth it absorbs enormous amount of carbon dioxide (1 hectare cannabis absorbs about 15 tons of carbon dioxide per year) much faster than a tree. Hemp/Flax also increases the quality of the soil and does not require any chemical enrichment during planting.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable insulation material. Saves energy.

Excellent thermal performance in winter and summer.

Cellulose Fiber Insulation

Cellulose Fiber lnsulation is an ecological and sustainable material that is a result of the processing of recycled cellulose fibers and boron salts with a special technology. it has superior thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The cellulose wool in fiber form is applied to the desired surface by spraying or loosefill.

Excellent acoustic performance, Excellent loss of airborne sound between the spaces.

Durable and does not require maintenance. Resistance to erosion.


ECI underfloor is produced from high quality textile fibers which is recycled from textile fabrics. High performance on insulating impact sound.

High compression strenght important for click-systems.

Applicable with underfloor heating system.

Sheep Wool Insulation

Sheep wool is one of the earliest insulation product in history. Human beings use this product to protect themselves from hot, cold and damp in various forms. Because of its excellent performance and properties, this product still maintains its throne among the insulation products known in the world.

Natural keratin existing in sheep wool suppresses mold and mildew..

Sheep wool is a perfect insulation material as an acoustic buffer absorbing sound.

Denim Insulation

Denim insulation is produced from high quality natural fibers which is recycled from denim fabrics. Denim insulation contains 100% post-consumer recycled natural fibers with a superior thermal and sound insulation performance.

Provides higher thermal conductivity and sound insulation performance.

Offers an extremely high Noise Reduction Coefficient and effectively reduces airborne sound transmission.

Cotton Wool Insulation

Cotton insulation is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option for insulating. Consisting of 85% recycled cotton fibers, cotton insulation is both an eco-conscious and effective product. The combination of materials are treated with borate to create a flame-resistant substance that is also an insect and rodent repellant. Recycled cotton takes very little energy to manufacture, and comes with an R-value of R-3.4 per inch. It’s non-toxic and non-hazardous, allowing you to install it without risking distress to respiratory systems or skin.

Recyclable, Ecological and environmental friendly.

Naturaly not flammable and resist fire